Accurate, timely and detailed trailer repair estimates and insurance coverage in Newton, North Carolina

Accurate and professional estimates

At Trailer Sales & Service, Inc., we help you in the controlling of your maintenance and repair costs by providing you with accurate detailed estimates. Here are the benefits of requesting an estimate from us:

  • Our estimates of expert trailer repairs to be performed are free, accurate and detailed with no surprises.
  • We have partnered with many leading companies for accurate Service Repair Time (SRT)
  • Our staff experience assures the estimate uses accurate SRT times and is detailed with no hidden costs.
  • Our maintenance facility is fully equipment to perform expert trailer repairs for the work estimated.
  • We have long-term relationships with insurance companies and insurance adjusters to make sure your equipment is repaired correctly to factory specifications.
  • Estimates can be performed at our location or any other location needed.
  • We will provide digital pictures upon request for any repairs needed.

Complete Insurance Coverage

Always ask for Proof of Insurance for any service provider! We are fully insured providing you with:

  • Garage Liability Insurance
  • Worker's Compensation Insurance
  • Umbrella insurance

Our insurance covers all of our business activities while servicing your equipment either at our facilities or your location. Insurance coverage is often overlooked by many companies as an afterthought but is one of the most important questions you need to ask of your service provider. In today's litigious society, providing comprehensive insurance coverage is an absolute necessity. Companies should always request proof of insurance from all of their service providers to protect your business. This insurance is expensive to purchase but without this coverage you are held liable in case of accident, personal injury or substandard repairs resulting in various liability issues.

Worker's Compensation statutes state that companies are liable for ANY injuries to uninsured subcontractors or their uninsured employees. Because of this, all companies should never hire any company of individual unless they have Worker Compensation Insurance coverage. You should always require proof of insurance, even if the service provider has no employees and work is performed by the owner.

Garage Liability Insurance provides you with comprehensive coverage for property damage or injury caused by any repairs made to your equipment.

Umbrella Insurance Coverage provides you with protection of a catastrophic liability loss that is overlaid upon the Worker's Compensation and Garage Liability limits providing you with extended coverage.

Our insurance partners will gladly provide you with proof of insurance upon request.