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How to Replace a Roll-Up Door Cable


One of the most important procedures to remember about a two spring operator is that it is worked on with the door open. In order to change cables on this style balancer assembly proceed as follows:

1. Open door.
2. Push door back into horizontal track so that bottom panel is approx. 16" from header. Two men will be needed for this.
3. Securely place a clamp in each track, just below the bottom roller. As a point of safety, make certain that clamps are tight on tracks.
4. Determine what type of installation you have, either a standard or a shallow header. In a standard header the balancer is clearly visible. The header will measure at least 6", whereas in a shallow header the balancer is somewhat concealed, rather difficult to work on and header measures approx. 5".
5. Using a 7/16 " box wrench, loosen two set screws in winding cone.
6. Make sure spring assembly is free and can spin easily on shaft.
7. Wind new cable onto cable drum. Make certain that the cable follows the grooves as it is possible to install them backwards! In a regular installation, cable comes off the bottom of drum. In shallow header, cable comes off the top of drum.
8. Begin winding balancer by inserting bar into winding cone and pulling down for standard installation, or by pushing up in a shallow header.
9. Start counting turns as soon as the cone rotates. 3 1/2 to 4 turns would be correct.
10. After the correct turns have been applied, tighten both set screws securely.
11. Carefully remove both clamps in the tracks.
12. Lower door and test . A properly balanced door should not fly open, nor fall closed.

Caution - work on doors and related parts can, in some cases, be dangerous. Any person not experienced and trained in roll up truck door repairs and installation, should consider leaving the work to those who are. Serious injury could result.

Information provided by Whiting Door Manufacturing Corp.

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